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A case study of how we helped reduce the cost.

Are you overpaying on your business rates?

Our case study highlights how we assisted one of our contacts through referring to one of our trusted business rates consultants and saved them from overpaying on their business rates bills.

Through building our network, and speaking with our connections on a regular basis, we were pleased to be able to assist Jacqueline who runs serviced offices from overpaying on her business rates.

A property has a Rateable Value that provides for the local authority to collect the business equivalent of council tax, and in some circumstances the method or details of the calculation is inaccurate or simple incorrect. This can be down to several factors such as changes in businesses, changes to the configuration of used spaces and sometime the multiplication factor is not reflective of the correct “tone” of the area.

We managed to refer Jacqueline to one of our business rates specialists, who was able to argue the case, put forward proposals for amending the Rateable Values and saved a lot of money for the business. And certainly going forward too, it means a continued saving.

Last year we faced a huge and long overdue challenge of re-rating our Building here at Bayside Business Centre. We knew it was going to be a challenging task working with the VOA and our local Council and that we needed expert professional advice and support.

We posted a request for advice / referral via our network and immediately received a response from Rebecca Wheeler at Wheeler and Lai with a referral and endorsement of a specialist based in Chichester with whom they regularly collaborate on issues such as ours.

We can honestly say without this speedy and confident response we would not have achieved the subsequent successful outcome we did 6 months later.

Jacqueline Frampton, Director – Bayside Business Centre.

It is with confidence that we work with other specialists, so that we can work well and be of value to our clients and network.

"We would have no hesitation in recommending Wheeler & Lai for all matters relating to Commercial Property & Land"
Jacqui Frampton
Director - Bayside Business Centre

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