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Charities Act Valuation on behalf of SPARK Community Space

Through our networking and local business contacts, Becki Simmons of Spark Community Space, came to us in need of some commercial property advice regarding a potential new space for the charity.

Although we are able to provide advice prior to finding suitable premises, Becki had already found their ideal space and simply needed some guidance on the right terms for the lease. As an organisation, this would be the first property that it would be leasing, and asking for professional advice is important because a lease is a binding contract. It is important to understand what you are signing up for and also as a charity, there are trustees to be held accountable to.

We were pleased to look into this for the charity without charge, which gave Becki support and peace of mind. Leasing property is already an expense, and we were pleased to be able to play our part for the charity. We reviewed the lease terms discussed and raised matters that needed to be explored or clarified further.

On further review, it was noted that as a charity they would likely need a RICS valuation to ensure compliance with the Charities Act and that the proposed letting was in the charity’s best interests.

Hello as founder of a very small charity and Portsmouth learning steps in the community and city we have been absolutely impressed by the support that we’ve been given by this company celebrating us and championing us to make sure that we have a right setting legally as we move forward for our forever home we appreciate that absolute integrity and honesty and guidance

Becki Simmons – Founder – SPARK Community Space

Becki also instructed us to carry out a RICS Valuation for the charity, and we were pleased to be able to deliver this in a cost effective and timely manner, as part of their due diligence and initial stages of acquiring the property on lease for the charity. 

From lease advisory on giving our opinions and guidance on the proposed lease terms, we were able to then provide a detailed and compliance RICS Valuation for regulatory purposes under section 119 of the Charities Act 2011.

We are pleased to be able to assist this local charity, and if you would like to find out more about Spark, do check out their website:  https://sparkcommunityspace.co.uk/

SPARK Community Space “is a registered charity launched in October 2020 by Becki Simmons in Southsea, Portsmouth.

The charity aims to help people who don’t feel like they fit in, to access the support and services they need, so they can ‘Spark’ back into life.”

As a small independent local business, we like to support and champion local businesses, organisations and charities, and pleased to have made our acquittance with Becki and all the lovely work that she does is an inspiration. 

“Outstanding service very professional, helped us through the process extremely well and very thorough.  Definitely would recommend“
Becki Simmons
Founder - SPARK Community Space

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