During the life of a lease, there may well be a provision for the landlord to review the rental. We can apply our property knowledge to facilitate this process.

Whether you are the landlord looking to see whether your property’s value has increased and therefore the rental income potential, or else if you are the tenant faced with the prospect of a rent review, we can be of service. 

We can negotiate on your behalf, review market evidence, and aim to settle a review as expediently as possible.  Communication is key, and you can be sure to trust you will be kept advised every step of the way.

Case Study:

We were able to secure a stepped rental review on a property, on behalf of the landlord whereby the rental increase was staggered from year 5 to year 10.

This assisted the landlord secure his tenant on a sustainable basis, and also provided the tenant with security and empowered them to know their projected rental outgoing, without putting them under financial strain. It was a compromise achieved through strong negotiations.