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Limiting repairing liabilities in a lease through a photographic schedule of condition

Case Study of why a photographic schedule of condition is used in a commercial property lease.

Fasset Limited instructed us to provide a Photographic schedule of condition as they needed to limit their liabilities at Langstone Technology Park. It become crucial to have a photographic record of the property prior to a transaction taking place after our clients understood how this could protect them from adverse claims against them.

We pride ourselves in being able to work flexibly and this case also urgently and Sau-Wan was able to work within a 3-day time-frame, to fit in with their deadline. When it comes to matters of importance, when it’s vital for our clients, we aim to make sure we excel expectations. This was no mean feat considering, there were two bank holidays intruding on the workable days.

The work involved internal repairing lease, which fortunately meant it was only an internal aspects and not exterior spaces. Over 1000 photographs were taken, over 11,000 sq ft of office space, but we were pleased to be able to deliver a detailed annotated schedule to be annexed to the lease. This records the condition and will be used as a reference point upon expiry and termination of the lease.

If you need us to work with you, and can be flexible and as a two-person team, we are efficient and able to prioritise our workload to suit you.

Whether it is 1,100 sq ft or 11,000 sq ft offices, we will be pleased to take on your property and help you solve an issue.

"We had an urgent business need and Sau-Wan responded to exceed all our expectations. Highly professional and great quality output. Highly recommended."
Michael C.
Fasset Limited

Photographic schedule of conditions

This document is annexed to the lease before it is completed to record the condition of the property. Protection and peace of mind for when the lease expires and the property needs to be handed back.

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