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Lease Renewals & Surrenders

Lease Renewals

Wheeler and Lai Chartered Surveyors could help you with your lease renewal and assist in negotiating reasonable and viable terms. 

When a lease expires, this is the only opportunity to secure the terms for the next period of occupation, and whether you are a landlord or tenant, we are able to offer our guidance and expertise.

A combination of surveyors’ and solicitor’s advice is a worthwhile investment in all leasehold matters. Sometimes an unrepresented tenant (without professional advisor’s help) can find themselves signing up to unfavourable lease terms, if you use a professional to guide you, this can protect you from this and give you a more positive leasing experience.

Lease surrender document with a set of keys returned.

Lease Surrenders

Unexpected events can result in a business closing, or individuals being unable to continue to operate a business. Unfortunately leases are contracts and are binding. Nonetheless, a lease can be assigned (see Lettings) or alternatively, can be surrendered by agreement. This involves negotiation and usually a payment to the landlord for loss of the lease/income. If a lease needs to be surrendered, for whatever reason in this volatile market, we can help you navigate your way forward and try to limit your loss and reach a favourable outcome, either for landlord or tenant.

Providing a solution

Our team are here to guide you through the process and act on your behalf, so you don't need to feel burdened alone.

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