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Mapsimise – Our Property Database

Our data is one of our most valuable assets, and we are proud to have My CRM’s Mapsimise Platform to showcase our agency properties.

We are able to have a real time pin on the map to our customers and clients the properties that we have available, whether they are available to rent or available to buy – whether freehold or long leasehold, as well as any investments.

Mapsimise is a visual database that we are able to use with the properties we have to market, as well as for internal purposes of seeing the number of properties that we have information on and have an ability to visualise and locate is fantastic.

You will find our available properties are kept up to date in line with our database, and you will be able to see the location of the property and use the Google tools as well to put yourself in the location.

Mapsimise will help you get a feel for the location, giving a visual of the locality so that you can see whether it would suit you and your business. Our properties that are listed will have a marker on the location, so that you can drop in the little person for a street view, or zoom in to the streets or neighbouring areas to assist with whether the property matches your requirements.

If this is useful to you and your business, then contact Alistair Dickinson (https://www.mapsimise.com/).


Available properties

You can find the properties we are marketing here.

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