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Resilience, Recharge and Restart

It’s been a rollercoaster journey through 2020 for everyone. As we approach the eve of 2021, we wanted to share our overview of 2020 and our top 5 tips to recharge and refresh your 2021 goals.

The start of 2020 for Wheeler and Lai was going to tackle visibility and bring our firm to the forefront of minds when it comes to being able to help business owners and landlords; we had planned to sponsor events, hold exhibition stalls and attend many more networking events.

However, as Covid-19 turned into a global pandemic, we as many others had to pause our plans as the nation went into lockdown. For many we know this was a testing time, struggles and losses. We know that many lives have been lost, families suffering, and also livelihoods and businesses abruptly stopped. However, we were faced also with community spirit, love and support of families and friends as the nation also showed their resilience.

With the spring and summer months, representing for some, a time to recharge and unwind where possible, we as a business were able to also spend time away from business with our families. But we were also still present helping our clients, our tenants and our networks where we could. The digital virtual world was coming along stronger and meant people were still able to connect and be part of a community.

Businesses large and small have been rocked by the pandemic, all sectors have been changed, evolved and opportunities have been born out of adversity. Although we are aware of businesses being unable to re-open, businesses going into administration, we are also in awe of those that have strived to pivot, to start and re-start their businesses. 2020 have been a tough year, and one that we are sure will be marked in the history books, but we hope that by staying alert, considerate and safe, we are heading into a 2021 with less lives lost and more goals achieved.

Top 5 tips to reach your business goals for 2021

1. Realise your numbers

As a small business ourselves, we know the importance of knowing your numbers and cash is king. So have a look at your accounts, what can be honed and refined, what expenses can be cut or what assets can be maximised? For example, in terms of property, do you have excess space that can be rented out? Do you have a break option, that can be used if you no longer require the space?

2. Re-engage

“No man is an island” but sometimes businesses and business owners can become isolated. Don’t forget to re-engage with your customers, your network and your business community. Face 2021 with people around you. Your network can be your ambassadors and an invaluable way to share your business and your message. Use social media effectively and show your customers and audience your passion for your business. If this is bricks and mortar, show off your business space, post images that your business is open for business. Welcome people through your virtual door, in this current climate.

3.Re-connect with Community

We know that a sense of community is as strong as ever, and the drive to support local is now more prominently in people’s mind. So take this opportunity to get to know your local community, your local small businesses will really appreciate your support. And this not only applies to finances, but even thoughts, the opportunity to give reviews, testimonials, shares on social media and engagement will also be a way to show support.

4. Reach out

As business owners, we all have different skills as well as different jobs, so if you’re struggling with a task, perhaps this could be an opportunity to seek help. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice, and perhaps if you don’t know someone in your network that can help, someone you know might just have the right connection. For example, we know that businesses are struggling, and back to the matter of finances, a business doesn’t always have to go bust. We can point you to Insolvency Practitioners, that can help you navigate your way, or Debt collectors if you are owed monies that is rightfully yours. Our connections can be your connections.

5. Networking

As we mentioned at the being, we are continuing to build our brand and our visibility. We do this by continuing with our networking, events that have now moved online. This is still a good opportunity to build your business, connect with others and find clients/customers. If you need ideas of what is online, go to Eventbrite, go to Linkedin; follow on social media either Rebecca Wheeler or Sau-Wan Lai, there is a world of possibilities.

For Wheeler & Lai Chartered Surveyors, we approach 2021 with resilience, being recharged and re-start on a positive mindset. We are here to help you with your property assets, finding solutions to help you maximise your resources, whether it is time or money.

Stay safe, and here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2021.


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