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Speaking with students of The Portsmouth Academy about surveying

Team Wheeler and Lai enjoyed a “business breakfast” opportunity to meet some Year 7 pupils at The Portsmouth Academy today, as a means to broaden horizons and give the young people experiences quizzing local businesses about their work.

We were asked to provide “yes or no” answers only for half the meeting as the pupils tried to guess what we did. It was tricky and they didn’t manage to guess our “jobs” but gave it their best. The closest was “estate agent” “land surveying” and “property developer” some connection to the property sector that we work in…

However by encountering our small business, us as individuals and how we started to where we are now, can only encourage them to explore what is out there, there are so many roles in surveying and being a chartered surveyor covers so many disciplines.

By encountering a multitude of different business people and careers, their horizons become bigger, opportunities are more varied and the world of work is more diverse than initially thought.

How did we engage Year 7 pupils? We took along our tape and laser measurers, some plans and sketches, and up our sleeves – packs of cards – a larger than life play your cards right guessing game for the pupils to ignite their imaginations.

We thoroughly enjoyed it, and hope that the pupils did too. Thank you to Samuel Poole and Mahbuba Rahman for the invitation and we recommend engaging with the school communities, as these are the future work force and entrepreneurs

As a small business, as am RICS ambassador, we are happy to engage with young people. If other surveyors want to get involved – Karen Rogers / Naomi Peart / Sarah Noble are all early engagement team.

Local businesses that know us or Sam Poole –The Thinking Schools Academy Trust are keen to enrich the experience of their young people – 7 schools in Portsmouth are part of this “family” – get involved if you can.

Not local – engage with your local educational establishments, take a small step 🙂

Enjoy the week, hope you’re started out as fun and full of possibilities as ours.



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