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Young Enterprise – Business advisor role to Students on the Isle of Wight

Who remembers taking part in Young Enterprise whilst in secondary school? Wheeler & Lai Chartered Surveyors are proud to be business advisors this year to students on the Isle of Wight.

Sau-Wan was a young participant back in her school days and remembers it fondly. A great initiative to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset of young adults.

Ed-WISE on the Isle of Wight co-ordinate on behalf of Young Enterprise, and ask local businesses to become business advisors to the students that take part in various schools and further education establishments to give them business insights. David Thornton of David Thornton Delivering Sales Excellence is the Chief Executive Officer of Ed-WISE, and his leadership team support the island communities in improving life chances of the island’s young people.

Young Enterprise is a national charity motivating young people to success “by equipping them with work skills, knowledge and confidence” and through the company programme, they give young people the opportunity to set up a real business under the guidance of business advisor volunteers. The students make all the decisions and gain practical experience.

As business advisor volunteers, we will be meeting with the students and hearing their plans and offering signposting and guidance. This will be an exciting opportunity to support our local Island community, and this academic year will be a new learning experience not just for the students, but also Wheeler and Lai Chartered Surveyors.

Ed-WISE – Link here

Young Enterprise – Company Programme – Link here


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